JA Solar 405W Solar Panel All Black

JA Solar 405W All Black Solar Panels

At Contact Solar, we only use the highest quality components in our solar PV installations. Introducing the JA Solar 405W all black solar panel: one of the most efficient modules on the UK market.

This high-spec MBB half-cell JA Solar panels feature an attractive all-black design for better light absorption and improved energy generation. Rated at 405 watts, and with an annual degradation of only 0.55%, the JA solar panels promise excellent performance and value.

If you’re looking to invest in a JA Solar 405W PV system, get in touch with Contact Solar today. Our specialists will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote for your home or business.

Product Details: JA Solar 405W Mono MBB PERC Half-Cell All Black Module

Manufacturer:JA Solar
Part Number:JAM54S31-405-MR-AB
Power rating:405W
Module type:Monocrystalline MBB PERC half-cell
Number of cells:108 (6×18)
Dimensions:1134 x 1722mm
Operating temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Annual degradation rate over 25 years:0.55%

Key Features of JA solar 405W panels

All-Black Monocrystalline Design

The JA Solar 405W panel features a modern all-black design created using monocrystalline silicon cells. These sleek black modules absorb sunlight more efficiently than traditional blue panels – even at dawn, dusk and on cloudy days.

Their aesthetically pleasing design also allows these panels to blend seamlessly into their environment, making them suitable for all domestic and commercial solar PV installations.

High-Efficiency MBB Half-Cell Configuration

JA 405w solar panels utilise a state-of-the-art MBB half-cell configuration. Instead of 3 or 5 busbars, the solar cells have 12 thin busbars across them, allowing the current to flow more freely. Additionally, the half-cell design offers reduced resistive power loss and better shade tolerance, resulting in a higher energy yield per square metre.  

Together, these innovations mean more sunlight is converted into usable electricity, resulting in increased energy bill savings for your home or business.

Improved Mechanical and Temperature Resistance

Thanks to its MBB half-cut cell design and durable frame, the JA Solar panels module boasts enhanced tolerance of mechanical loading and improved performance in extreme temperatures.

The advanced glass surface finish is also self-cleaning, offering excellent resistance to dust, sand, salt, snow and other debris. You can count on these robust, reliable solar panels to withstand the elements year-round.

25-Year Linear Power Output Warranty

Featuring advanced PERC cell technology, this solar panel delivers a high 405 watt output with less efficiency lost over time.

JA Solar offers a 12-year product warranty and an extended 25-year power output warranty, guaranteeing an annual degradation rate of only 0.55% after the first year. This means that after 25 years, the module will still produce over 84% of its original rated power.

About JA Solar

Founded in 2005, JA Solar is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance solar module products. Based in China, the company is recognised for its commitment to product quality and reliability, investing heavily in R&D to drive solar technology forward.

As a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, JA Solar produce consistently reliable modules made with the highest quality silicon. Their products are designed for exceptional functionality, performance and longevity, offering customers a great return on investment.

By choosing JA Solar 405W all-black solar panels, expertly installed by Contact Solar, you can feel confident investing in an innovative solar technology you can rely on for decades.

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