Jinko Tiger Neo 430W Solar Panel

Jinko Tiger Neo 430W Solar Panel All Black

At Contact Solar, we install only the latest high-efficiency solar panels from leading manufacturers. One of our bestselling products is the Jinko Tiger Neo 430W N-Type All Black Mono solar panel: an innovative module packed with advanced features.

This 430W monocrystalline all-black panel features high-transmission tempered glass and an anodised aluminium frame engineered to withstand extreme conditions. Built using cutting-edge Hot 2.0 and SMBB technologies, the Jinko Tiger Neo guarantees incredible power output, reliability and cost savings on your energy bills for decades to come.

If you’re interested in a top-of-the-range Jinko Tiger Neo N-type 430W solar system, we can help. Get in touch with Contact Solar today for a free bespoke solar PV installation quote.

Product Details: Jinko Tiger Neo 430W N-Type All-Black Module

Manufacturer:Jinko Solar
Part Number:JKM430N-54HL4R-B
Power rating:430W
Module type:N-type monocrystalline 
Number of cells:108 (6×18)
Dimensions:1134 x 1722 x 30mm
Operating temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Annual degradation rate over 25 years:0.40%

Key Features

Super Efficient All-Black Module

Featuring a sleek and modern all-black design, the Jinko Solar Tiger Neo’s monocrystalline silicon panels are both aesthetically pleasing and powerful. The dark photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight more efficiently than older blue solar panels, boasting great performance year-round.

Power output is further enhanced thanks to the module’s high-transmission tempered glass with anti-reflection coating. This allows for excellent energy generation even in low light or indirect conditions.

Hot 2.0 and SMBB Technologies

The Jinko Tiger Neo 430W N-Type solar panel is built with Hot 2.0 technology, which provides enhanced resistance to high temperatures. As a result, the module boasts significantly lower LID/LETID (Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation) and better overall reliability.

The panel also features modern SMBB (Super Multi Busbar) technology, which uses multiple interconnected busbars between solar cells. This optimised construction minimises electrical resistance and improves electron flow for superior performance. This results in better shading tolerance, reduced hotspots and higher energy output.

Excellent PID Resistance

Thanks to Jinko’s cutting-edge production processes and meticulous material quality control, the Tiger Neo modules offer guaranteed resistance to potential induced degradation (PID). The solar cells are specially treated to withstand exposure to heat, humidity and voltage potential without incrementally losing productivity over their 25+ year lifetime.

Enhanced Mechanical Load and Environmental Durability

Certified to withstand high 4000Pa wind loads and extreme 6000Pa snow loads, the Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type 430W panels stand up to the elements. Their exceptional mechanical tolerance is down to their strengthened low-iron front glass, aluminium alloy frame and overall robust build quality.

These N-type modules are also highly resistant to salt mist corrosion, sand, ammonia and other environmental damage, making them a dependable choice for homes and businesses anywhere in the UK.

Extended 25-Year Product and 30-Year Power Output Warranties

With one of the longest power output warranties available, the Jinko Tiger Neo guarantees exceptional efficiency over decades of operation. An above-average annual degradation rate of just 0.4% means these modules will produce at least 87% of the original rated power after 30 years.

They also come with an impressive 25 year product warranty, covering any material defects in design, materials and workmanship.

About Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a globally leading Tier 1 solar PV technology company committed to accelerating the world’s transition to renewable energy. Founded in China in 2006, Jinko invests heavily in R&D to become an industry innovator in reliable, high-efficiency solar products.

The company currently owns 14 manufacturing bases worldwide, serving over 180 countries and regions with 8,000+ annual orders. With over 2,000 R&D professionals and numerous awards, Jinko plays a pioneering role in establishing international solar standards while expanding applications for photovoltaics in numerous industries.

At Contact Solar, we are proud to supply Jinko’s world-renowned products and are confident in their exceptional performance. If you’re interested in a Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type 430W solar PV system, get in touch today.

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