Sunsynk 5.32kWh battery

5.32kWh Sunsynk Battery

At Contact Solar, we use only the most reliable products in our solar installations. The Lithium-Ion 5.32kWh Sunsynk battery is an innovative battery storage solution designed for residential and commercial solar PV systems.

Engineered using premium materials, this compact 5.32kWh solar battery offers reliability, flexibility, and long-term performance you can count on. It uses the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry for optimal safety and efficiency and has a potential lifespan of 10+ years. The Sunsynk battery can also scale up to 85.12kWh capacity as your needs change.

Paired with solar panels, Sunsynk battery storage can help you maximise self-consumption, save money and reduce reliance on energy companies. Get in touch with Contact Solar today for a free quote.

Product Details: Sunsynk 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Phosphate Solar PV Battery

Part number:SUN-BATT-5.32
Battery capacity:5.32kWh
Cell technology:LiFePO4, Lithium-iron phosphate
Cycle life:6000 cycles @ 80% DOD / 25°C / 0.5C, 60% EOL
Maximum charge/discharge power:5000W
Depth of discharge:Up to 100% (80-90% recommended)
Scalability:Max 8 batteries in parallel
Dimensions:450 x 520 x 185mm
Installation:Floor stand or wall mounted
Operating temperature:-20~60°C
Operating/storage humidity:≤ 95%RH
IP rating:IP20 (indoor)

Sunsynk Battery for Solar Key Features

Latest Lithium-Iron Phosphate Technology

The Sunsynk battery 5.32kWh uses the latest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cathode technology for optimal performance and safety. It offers a higher chemical and thermal stability than older battery types and a longer lifespan with less performance deterioration over time.

Completely maintenance-free, Sunsynk solar batteries feature an excellent discharging and charging efficiency with up to 100% depth of discharge (80-90% recommended). With a wide operating temperature range and 10+ year design life across 6000 cycles, you can depend on these robust batteries daily. Their long lifespan also makes them extremely cost-effective.

Flexible, Scalable Solar Storage

The Sunsynk battery is designed for straightforward installation combined with existing solar PV systems. With rapid connectivity and quick paralleling enabled through the built-in BMS, storing and using solar energy has never been simpler.

Each Sunsynk battery pack can be wall or rack-mounted or floor-standing. Multiple units can be scaled for a total capacity of up to 85.12kWh – ideal for offering flexible solar battery storage as your needs change.

Built-In Battery Management System

The 5.32kWh Sunsynk battery has an integrated battery management system (BMS) which continuously monitors cell conditions, including voltage, current and temperature. It automatically balances cells’ charging to optimise efficiency and safely prolong battery life. Several safety features are also included, including over-charge, over-discharge and high/low temperature protection.

Users can easily access battery status updates and statistics via their inverter monitoring portal/app, providing insight into energy production, storage and consumption, along with charging and discharging parameters.

About Sunsynk

Founded over 20 years ago, Sunsynk is an industry-leading manufacturer of solar energy storage solutions for on-grid and off-grid applications. With operations across 40+ countries, Sunsynk leverages decades of R&D to drive the market forward through innovative battery advancements and smart power management systems.

As renowned pioneers in the solar storage space, Sunsynk continues to launch new benchmark products to shape a more sustainable future worldwide. The company is committed to delivering exceptionally reliable, high-performance inverters and battery storage systems to customers globally.

At Contact Solar, we are proud to supply Sunsynk’s fantastic products, including their top-of-the-range 5.32kWh lithium-ion batteries. If you’re interested in a Sunsynk solar battery storage system for your home or business, reach out to Contact Solar.

Choose Contact Solar: Trusted UK Solar Panel and Battery Storage Specialists

Based in Lancashire, Contact Solar specialises in custom solar PV and battery storage solutions for residential and commercial sites nationwide. As a Which? Trusted Trader, our MSC and NICEIC-certified experts provide exceptional quality craftsmanship and service.

We offer free solar and battery consultations, property surveys and comprehensive quotes with no obligation and no deposit required. You can rely on our knowledgeable team to determine the optimal system design and components for your property and needs.

To discuss whether a Sunsynk battery system would be right for you, reach out to Contact Solar today. Call us on 0800 201 4527, email [email protected] or fill in our quick online quote form.

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