Refer a friend programme

Refer a friend and receive £500. Your friend also receives a £500 discount on their quote.

Contact Solar operates as a straightforward referral program, distinguishing itself from many others by not requiring any personal information such as emails, phone numbers, or names from you.

Upon becoming a referrer, we will provide you with an exclusive URL that you can freely share through email, social media, text, or WhatsApp.

When someone clicks on your URL, they will have the opportunity to receive a quote.

If they proceed to purchase a solar system, you will receive a £500 reward.

Step 1: Register

To register, simply provide us with your personal information.

If you haven’t yet become a Contact Solar client, we’re happy to offer you a quote without any obligations. Furthermore, we’ll create a distinct URL for you, enabling you to commence sharing right away.

Step 2: Refer

After completing the registration process, we’ll create and send your exclusive URL to you.

Feel free to share the link!

When someone clicks on the URL, they’ll be directed to Contact Solar referral form and offered the opportunity to provide their own information.

Step 3: Get Paid

Now, let’s discuss the benefits:

For each referral who ultimately makes a full purchase, Contact Solar will reward you with a payment of £500.


Why refer a friend to Contact Solar

Refer a Friend scheme FAQs

A legitimate referral is defined as someone who is not already an existing customer.

Self-referrals are not allowed, but you may be eligible for a discount as an existing customer.

We do not gather anyone’s information directly from you; only those individuals who click on your link and complete the form will be included in our system and provided with the chance to become members on their own accord.

Rest assured, we’ll promptly compensate you for your successful referral.

Please allow a few days for the referral fee to undergo processing.

Referral fees will be transferred to you via the BACS payment method.

You can refer people you know easily by using the online referral portal.

Your fees will be disbursed once your referral has made their initial payment for their system, and 14 days have elapsed.


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