Solar Panel Installers Blackpool

Solar Panel Installers Blackpool

Are you looking for MCS-certified solar panel installers, Blackpool? At Contact Solar, we have been installing solar panels in Blackpool and wider Lancashire for over 10 years. As a Which? Trusted Trader, we are committed to offering unbeatable service, quality and value.

Our experts can design the most cost-effective solar solution for your needs, from simple panel and inverter setups to full solar PV and battery systems. We are proud to be one of the highest rated solar installers in Blackpool and the UK, and our fantastic customer reviews speak for themselves.

Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial solar panels, Blackpool can rely on Contact Solar. Call our friendly advisors today on 0800 201 4527 or click below for your free quote! 

Solar panel installers Blackpool

Expert Solar Panel Installation Blackpool, Lancashire

On the Fylde coast in western Lancashire lies the famous seaside resort of Blackpool. With iconic attractions like Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach, the town sees over 20 million visitors per year and has a population of over 141,000. As the push for renewable energy grows, more Blackpool residents have begun making the switch to solar panels.

Blackpool Council have pledged to achieve 100% clean energy use by 2030. Solar panel systems allow Blackpool households and businesses to contribute to this goal by generating their own renewable power. And as well as being eco-friendly, it’s a great way to save money on your energy bills.

With Blackpool enjoying 1,500-1,600 sunlight hours annually, the area has great solar potential. Modern Blackpool solar panels can deliver clean power to your property year-round, even on cloudy days. You can also make the most of your investment by adding solar batteries, allowing you to store any excess power you generate.

Contact Solar have been providing complete solar PV systems in Blackpool and the North West for over a decade. Our advisors can guide you on the most efficient and cost-effective setup for any property, from solar panels and batteries to EV charging. Contact us today to find out how much you could save.

Example Blackpool Solar Panel Installation

Contact Solar has installed countless commercial and domestic solar panels in Blackpool since 2012. Based in Chorley, we now operate nationwide, and continue to offer top quality solar PV systems throughout our home county of Lancashire. This is an example of one of our recent residential Blackpool solar panel installations in FY3.

This customer requested a full solar PV system for their semi-detached home, including a Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter and storage battery. We fitted 11 x 385w JA solar panels on across 3 east and north-east facing roofs. On the flat roof, sun tubs were placed under the array to angle the panels for maximum light exposure. We also installed 5 x Tigo power optimisers to boost solar output in shaded areas. The project was finished in one day in February 2023.

Choose Contact Solar: Trusted Solar Panel and Battery Storage Specialists

Are you ready to start saving money with fully-installed solar panels, Blackpool? With 5-star Google and Trustpilot ratings and thousands of satisfied customers, there’s no better choice than Contact Solar.

Our top priority is to guarantee our customers the best possible financial returns on their solar panels, Blackpool or anywhere else. We take the time to design the most efficient systems for each property, using the best solar panels and accessories from top global manufacturers. All of our works are MCS certified and we will never be undersold on quality or price.

We offer comprehensive, no-obligation quotes with fully transparent pricing, so you can be sure of no hidden fees or extras. What’s more, we guarantee the best prices on solar PV systems in Blackpool – we’ll even beat any like-for-like quotation by £200!

If you’re looking for the best solar panel installers Blackpool has to offer, reach out to Contact Solar today. Speak to our knowledgeable team on 0800 201 4527 or click the button below for a free bespoke quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing solar panels allows Blackpool homes and businesses to generate their own clean, renewable power. For eco-minded individuals, the main benefit this offers is reduced reliance on fossil fuels. But as self-consumption means lower electricity bills, another huge advantage of solar panels is the potential financial savings they bring. You can even make a profit by selling any solar energy not used straight away back to the grid. If you invest in solar batteries, you can also store excess solar power for use at night, further reducing dependence on energy companies.

Blackpool benefits from an impressive 1,500-1,600 hours of sunlight a year, which is much higher than the UK average. Solar panels are therefore a great long-term investment for Blackpool residents. Solar PV technology is now so efficient that it can generate power on cloudy and rainy days, and even in winter. A good solar panel installer, such as Contact Solar, can recommend the best solar setup for your property and give you a free estimate of your potential return on investment. We will take into account the angle of your roof when designing your system and can even install power optimisers to help boost solar production in the shade.

Getting a certified solar installation company in Blackpool to fit your system provides several key advantages over the DIY method. As experienced solar PV specialists, companies like Contact Solar have extensive product knowledge, training and technical capabilities. They follow the latest industry regulations and standards, ensuring your system is sized, designed and installed safely and correctly for maximum efficiency. Without extensive experience and training, a DIY solar installation could potentially risk compliance issues, damage to components or even pose a safety hazard. Our expert Blackpool teams deliver safe, effective, long-lasting solar power solutions that save our customers money for years to come.

Some government schemes, such as ECO4, may offer discounted or free solar panels in Blackpool. However, there are strict eligibility criteria for such schemes, and not everyone may qualify. Fortunately, even when purchased at full price, many of our customers find that their solar PV system pays for itself in energy savings in under 10 years. And with the correct smart meter, you can benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, which allows you to sell excess solar energy to the grid for a profit. Speak to our solar advisors today for more information.

It’s crucial to do your research before choosing a Blackpool solar panel installation company. Ensure the business you choose is MCS certified and has a long history of successful installations in your area. When reading online reviews, compare not just their overall star rating but also the number of reviews they have. Having fitted thousands of solar panels in and around Blackpool over the past decade, Contact Solar is a top contender. Contact us today for a bespoke quote!

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