Solar Panel Installers Longton

Solar Panel Installers Longton

Solar power is a great choice for Longton homes and businesses looking to generate their own clean electricity. As the top-rated solar panel installers (Longton and UK-wide), you can trust Contact Solar to guide you on your green energy journey.

Our Lancashire-based MCS-certified installers have over a decade of experience fitting custom solar PV systems in Longton and surrounding areas. We guarantee the best value for money on the highest quality solar panels, battery storage, EV chargers and more.

Ready to reap all the benefits of solar panels, Longton? Start saving on your energy bills today with Contact Solar. Call us on 0800 201 4527 or click below for your free quote!

Solar panel installers Longton

Expert Solar Panel Installation Longton, Lancashire

Situated 4 miles southwest of Preston, the village of Longton in Lancashire has seen growing interest in green energy in recent years. South Ribble Borough Council have committed to using more renewable energy in an effort to reach net zero carbon by 2030. Installing solar panels is one way that Longton residents can contribute to this ambitious goal.

Besides shrinking your carbon footprint, generating your own solar power is also a fantastic way to save money on electricity bills. Any solar energy generated that isn’t used straight away can be sold back to the grid or stored in batteries for later. With energy prices on the rise, there’s no better time to invest in solar panels – Longton or elsewhere. 

With the village enjoying 1,200-1,500 hours of sunlight annually, Longton solar panel systems can power homes and businesses year-round. Modern solar arrays work efficiently in all weathers and seasons, generating clean, sustainable electricity and reducing reliance on the grid.

If you’re interested in solar panel installation in Longton, get in touch with Contact Solar today. Our expert advisors will gladly recommend the ideal system and setup for your property to guarantee maximum returns on your investment. 

Example Longton Solar Panel Installation

Established in Chorley in 2012, Contact Solar has extensive experience installing domestic and commercial solar systems in Longton. We now operate nationwide, and continue to offer unparalleled service and value for money throughout the Lancashire area. Pictured is one of our recent Longton solar panel projects, completed on a semi-detached property in June 2023.

The homeowner opted for a 12-panel solar array on their south-facing rear roofs, complete with battery storage. Our engineers expertly fitted 12 x 405W JA Solar panels, a 5kW Sunsynk hybrid inverter and 2 x 5.32kW Sunsynk batteries. Tigo power optimisers were added to the five panels nearest the chimneys for optimal power generation in the shade.

Choose Contact Solar: Trusted Solar Panel and Battery Storage Specialists

If you’re looking for expert solar panel installation – Longton, Preston, or anywhere else – Contact Solar should be your first choice. As a Which? Trusted Trader, we are committed to providing unbeatable quality, value for money and customer service. We have completed thousands of installations across the UK and are proud of our 5-star Google and Trustpilot ratings.

Whether you’re interested in domestic or commercial solar panels in Longton, we can help. Get in touch today and our knowledgeable advisors will send you a bespoke solar PV quote based on your property, needs, energy usage and budget. We don’t use hard sales tactics, and what you see is what you pay – no hidden fees or extras.

We use only the most efficient components in our installations, including Tier 1 solar panels and batteries from trusted global manufacturers. What’s more, we’ll even beat any like-for-like competitor quotation, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Start saving money today with a custom Longton solar PV system. Reach out to Contact Solar on 0800 201 4527 or click the button below for a free, no-obligation quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to installing solar panels in Longton. Firstly, it allows you to power your home or business with your own clean, renewable solar electricity. You’ll be doing your part in saving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, while also enjoying massive cost savings. Using your own power means less reliance on the national grid, which in turn means significantly lower electricity bills. Plus, if you invest in solar batteries, you can store excess energy generated on sunny days for later use – or sell it to the grid for a profit through the SEG scheme. 

Though Lancashire is not known for its balmy climate, annual sunlight hours in Longton are on par with the UK average. Modern solar panels in Longton work efficiently year-round, and can generate energy even on cloudy days and in winter. Our expert advisors will happily advise you on whether solar would work for you, and recommend the optimal solar panel layout for your property. We can even add state-of-the-art components such as power optimisers to boost solar production in shaded areas or on flat roofs.

The cost of a solar PV system in Longton can vary depending on a number of factors, but typically averages £5,000-£9,000 for a 3-bedroom home. Your energy usage, roof size and orientation can all affect the cost of your system, as well as the type and number of solar panels, batteries and other accessories chosen. Speak to an advisor at Contact Solar today and we’ll provide a personalised Longton solar panel quote for your property. We guarantee the best prices on fully-installed solar PV systems in the country.

It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable, MCS certified Longton solar installation company. When comparing installers, look for excellent customer reviews and a long track record of successful solar PV projects in your area. They should be happy to discuss your specific needs and budget and provide a comprehensive, tailored quote. Having installed countless custom solar PV systems in Longton over the past 10+ years, Contact Solar is the clear choice. Get in touch today for your free quote!

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