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Where does your Generation Meter FiT?

Once you have a Solar PV installed on your property you’re not left in the lurch, with all the documentation needed to put you to sleep for a good few months, the solar installers have an obligation and a responsibility to ensure everything runs smoothly and the installation was carried out correctly. MSC has a very strict procedure that we as solar panel installers have to follow.

One such procedure involves a bi-yearly check of the generation meter installed with your photovoltaic system, the check is done in person and is the only way to get a reading from your meter, as there is no way to access the information remotely.

Unfortunately a large number of generation meters that have been installed, have been so in loft spaces which would be considered a non-conformity against the MCS installation standard MIS 3002. MCS is clear in its Metering Guidance document and reference in both MIS 3002 and the PV Guide that: “The meter shall be fitted to a vertical surface and be placed in a position so that the register can easily be read by the customer without requiring the use of any equipment such as tools, ladders or a torch. Ideally the meter should be position adjacent to the consumer unit.”

In reaction to this a group of people have been brought together by MCS in order to hammer out a solution, they reviewed how many cases were reported to have generation meters installed in loft spaces or in other inaccessible / unsafe areas. They discussed the conflict between the Metering Guidance and what the consumer has asked their installer to do at the time of installation. While the conflict was discussed it was agreed that the metering guidance documents should take precedence even if a customer asks for a change, to ensure compliance with MCS regulations.

In an effort to reduce additional costs by having the original installers provide the meter readings from their inaccessible areas, MCS decided to have the FiT Licensees (the people originally checking the meters bi-yearly) draw up a list of the customer’s addresses that have an incorrectly installed generation meter, from there that list will be split between specific certification bodies for them to investigate and determine the extent of the non-conformity by the installation company.

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