Solar panel installers Medway Towns

Our Solar Services in Medway Towns

Since 2012, Contact Solar have specialised in domestic and commercial solar panels and battery storage. Our MCS accredited solar panel installers in Medway Towns provide you with a smooth and straightforward installation procedure of your new solar PV system.

We’re dedicated to providing you with an impeccable customer service, and our knowledgeable in-house technical support team will provide you with the best advice. They’ll provide you with all of the information you need and answer any questions you have so you can fully understand your new solar panel system to allow you to get the best returns on investment.

Domestic Solar Panel Installers Medway Towns

Households across Medway Towns are investing in domestic solar panels due to the many financial and environmental benefits. The main financial benefits of domestic solar panels are the huge reduction in electricity bills and low maintenance costs. But many households enjoy knowing they’re being kinder to the plant by reducing their carbon footprint.

We’ll help to design a solar PV system that meets your usage needs, and our accredited solar panel installers in Medway Towns will ensure your installation process is streamlined for extra peace of mind. When your new solar system has been installed, you can expect to instantly start storing natural energy to use in your home.

Commercial Solar Panel Installers Medway Towns

Many organisations in Medway Towns are taking advantage of commercial solar panel installations due to a variety of benefits they can bring. Such benefits businesses enjoy include savings on electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint and an improved brand image. 

When it comes to solar panel installaion in Medway Towns, it’s important to ensure they’ll provide you with the highest standard. At Contact Solar, you can be sure our dedicated team are MCS certified, and are up to date with current regulations. They’ll work with you from start to finish, from your initial consultation to the design process. They’ll fully inform you on your new solar system so you can enjoy a strong return on investment.

Why choose us for your solar panel installation in Medway Towns?

  • Solar panel and battery storage experts since 2012
  • One of the UK’s leading accredited solar panel installers
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • A smooth and straightforward installation procedure
  • Extended warranty across most of our products

Here at Contact Solar we believe that people buy from people, and we understand that the investment you are about to make is not just for today, it’s for tomorrow and the next 20 years.

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