Sunsynk Master Installers

As leading UK solar PV specialists, Contact Solar work only with the best products in the industry. That’s why we are proud to be officially recognised as Sunsynk Master Installers (cert no. 539242).

Our highly trained engineers have been installing Sunsynk products for many years. We have fitted over 1,800 Sunsynk systems to date, proving in-depth knowledge across Sunsynk’s range of state-of-the-art solar batteries and inverters.

When you choose Contact Solar to install your Sunsynk solar system, you can rely on our extensive hands-on experience. We guarantee fantastic workmanship, seamless setup and expert technical support whenever you need it. Contact us today for a free quote!

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What Is a Sunsynk Master Installer?

Sunsynk is a globally renowned manufacturer of innovative energy-saving technologies, including solar inverters and battery storage. There are three tiers of recognition for approved Sunsynk installers:

Registered Installer (R):

An installer who has fitted more than 3 Sunsynk systems.

Approved Installer (A):

An installer who has fitted more than 10 Sunsynk systems, including a mixture of single and multi systems.

Master Installer (M):

An installer who has fitted more than 50 Sunsynk systems, including a mixture of single and multi systems, thus demonstrating expert knowledge of the Sunsynk operating system.

Since 2012, Contact Solar has professionally fitted more than 1,800 Sunsynk batteries and inverters across the UK. As Master Installers, we have the skills and experience to install your Sunsynk system quickly and professionally, ensuring hassle-free setup and reliable performance.

What’s more, we offer unlimited post-sales technical support for the life of your system. We have even published a range of tutorial videos providing in-depth guidance on setting up and navigating the Sunsynk portal.

If you’re looking for Sunsynk Master Installers, there is no better choice than Contact Solar. We operate across Great Britain and can handle any scale or complexity of solar PV installation, whether domestic or commercial. Contact us today to find out more.

Why We Use Sunsynk Products

Established more than 20 years ago, Sunsynk are global leaders in solar storage and management. They have earned acclaim for their cutting-edge batteries and inverters in over 40 countries worldwide. At the forefront of research and development, they are constantly releasing innovative new products to meet changing energy needs, such as the Sunsynk Lifelynk range.

At Contact Solar, we have worked with Sunsynk’s products for years and consider them to be among the best on the market. While we can install practically any inverter or battery, we recommend Sunsynk products for their exceptional performance, reliability and user-friendliness.

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Innovative Energy-Saving Technology

Sunsynk’s products are designed with many advanced features to help maximise energy efficiency and cost savings.

Their bi-directional hybrid inverters support multiple inputs, including PV solar, AC grid power and batteries. This allows you to export, import or store electricity as needed to maximise self-consumption and avoid peak grid rates with automatic load shedding. Sunsynk’s batteries and inverters integrate seamlessly and can be set in parallel for easy scaling as your energy needs grow.

Superior User Experience

Created with the user in mind, Sunsynk products offer hassle-free setup and customisation. They can be wall-, cabinet- or floor-mounted to suit any space, and configuration is made simple with one-button inverter programming.

Full-colour LCD touchscreens make it easy to monitor and control your system, while the Sunsynk Connect app allows for remote operation over WiFi. Adjust your battery charge times, check your energy usage and receive system notifications from anywhere in the world.

Excellent Customer Support

In addition to Contact Solar’s dependable aftercare as Master Installers, customers can also access support through Sunsynk themselves. They operate a dedicated European call centre that can address any questions or queries you may have.

The Sunsynk Connect app also boasts a 24/7 live chat feature where users can seek technical help from Sunsynk experts round-the-clock. Furthermore, Sunsynk offer extended warranties on all of their products – so you’re covered should anything go wrong.

Unbeatable Quality and Value

Boasting premium engineering and build quality, Sunsynk products offer incredible value for money. Their inverters come with several security features to keep your system operating safely in all conditions, such as overload, overheating and short circuit protection.

Sunsynk’s batteries also come with a built-in battery management system which helps protect the cells and extend their lifespan. Highly reliable yet competitively priced, Sunsynk products are a long-
erm investment that can save you money for years to come.

Why We Use Sunsynk Products

As Sunsynk Master Installers, Contact Solar can supply and fit any battery or inverter in Sunsynk’s vast range. Some of the most popular Sunsynk products that we install include:

Sunsynk’s products are scalable, meaning that multiple inverters and batteries can be installed to provide additional power and storage. Whatever your energy needs, we’ll determine the most efficient and economical system to maximise your return on investment.

Our experts can design a bespoke solar PV setup for any residential or commercial property, including solar panels, Sunsynk inverter and batteries. Alternatively, if you already have solar panels, we can retrofit a Sunsynk system to your existing array.

Battery storage allows you to store excess solar energy for later use, leading to further energy bill savings. If you are on a multi-rate tariff, you can even charge your batteries from the grid during off-peak times. You can then use your stored electricity as needed during the day to avoid peak prices.

Why Choose Contact Solar?

If you’re interested in a Sunsynk system, it’s important to select a reputable, MCS certified solar PV company. As Sunsynk Master Installers with 10+ years’ experience and hundreds of 5-star reviews, Contact Solar should be your first choice.

Having fitted over 1,800 Sunsynk batteries and inverters nationwide, you can rely on our extensive expertise. We guarantee a smooth, straightforward installation process from start to finish, from initial survey and design through to post-sales aftercare.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and guarantee the best value for money on solar PV installations. To find out more, call Contact Solar today on 0800 201 4527 or click below for a free quote!

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